Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind is a tribe lead by Coolnerd1.


Each one of the tribe members wears a red fez and a brown square on there underbellies representing the word, "Square" meaning "Loser". They use potatoes as a replacement for shrunken heads.

The tribe is trying to track down Convicted-Psycho-Mwa Mwa Penguin, Manny Peng using security cameras. Once found he will be taken to D.R.N.A.F.T.D.M.M.P (Down-Right-Nasty-Academy-For-Truly-Deserving-Mwa-Mwa-Penguins), and will be taught proper English. Their special goal is to make CP citizens feel welcome and get rid of any terrible criminals such as Darktan. They claim to be friends with Mabel. Mabel refuses an interview.

Tribe's most wanted list

1. Manny Peng

2. Rubert

3. Lobelia Sackville

4. Darktan

Friendship with Mabel

Mabel respects this tribe due to their bitter hatred and ultimate education of Manny Peng:

"They agreed to my cruel torture methods on that phreak. I respect that. They promised to be as INHUMANE as possible! That, and the fact that Coolnerd1 pets me in that one spo- HEY, GET THAT microphone away from me!"

When Mabel is out sick, the tribe volunteers to be a substitute teacher for the Mwa Mwa Penguins and Coolnerd1 used to go to school with her.

The Mabel Mongrol Klan has request an offer for them to join the group. Results as of now are unknown.

Sign up for the Tribe!

Coolnerd1 (Leader)

Eggdoof (Deputy)

Mabel (Just an ally)

Triskelle (ally)

(Responsibility of joining) You must make a picture of your penguin in the appropriate uniform (A fez, a leave skirt, a square on his/her tummy) and post it on your penguin's page.


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