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Chub 777 (or Agent Snowshovel by the PSA and EPF) is an adventurer from Club Penguin Island. He is known for his surfing skills and for being the owner of the C-Pengaberg. He is and Adelie Penguin, therefore like Explorer, the initials at the back of his name is his colony number: 777.

Chub 777
Chub at Lowlaw Island
Vital statistics
Title Chub (777) Cjord Antcarca Adelie

Agent Snowshovel
Bro (by siblings

Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Penguin
Health Exellent
Level 777
Status On an adventure
Location Club Penguin
Friends Many
Enemies Chub 667X
Archetype Good

Chub 777 Adelie
President Chub 777
Mr. Adelie in his presidencial robe
Reign18th May 2009-12th June 2009 and again 29th August-
Coronation18th May 2009 and again on 28th August
Full nameChub (777) Cjord Antcarca Adelie the 777th
TitlesMaster Triple Seven, See-7.7.7, Chub, Sir Triple Seven
BornDecember 12, 1991
BirthplaceSouth Pole City
Place of death-
PredecessorGothono Bally (after being re-appointed)
SuccessorGothono Bally (before being re-appointed)
Royal HouseAdelie House
Royal anthemThis is the Anthem, not the theme
FatherBothery Adelie
MotherBloweyface Mcflappers


Early years

Chub "777" Cjord Antcarca Adelie was born during Colonial Antarctica, on December 12th 1991, in what is now South Pole City He grew up well and had friends like Explorer 747. He is an heir to a million pebble fortune that was made when his family used to work as miners. He has two brothers named Buhc 777 and Arcantarc 777. Chub liked playing with his toy fishing set and their parents' puffles, Pirate and Fluff (which he raised and they now live with him).

Early USA

In 2000, when the USA was founded, his family moved to Club Penguin. His parents want to move to the capital where the Adelie Manor is. His siblings, including himself, stayed at Club Penguin because it was a good island and they didn't want to move. At the age of 15, Chub enlisted for the PSA and was accepted. His brother, Buhc also enlisted at the same time.


Chub is a student at Penguin University and still attends to this day. He has a ship named the C-Pengaberg that he sails in his free time. He has an antibody that is named Chub 667X. Chub is a good surfer and often surfs with his red puffle, Blast.


Chub usually changes clothes for occasions. In the infobox picture, he's wearing his sailing gear. If he's going to change colour though, he uses his yellow puffle's painting kit. You can usually see him in his iconic appearance, wearing a black hoodie, a scarf and a bag.


Uniform at Penguin University

Chub 777's Puffles

Construction Chub 777's Puffles

Family Tree

See also: Adelie Family

  • Grandfather (Bloweyface side)-Bill Mcflappers
  • Grandmother (Bloweyface side)-Grah Coll
  • Grandfather (Bothery side)-Chub (776th) Adelie (DCCLXXVI)
  • Grandmonther (Bothery side)-Youvin Hertz
  • Father-Bothery (222) Adelie
    • Bothery's Uncle- Carl (500) Adelie
  • Mother-Bloweyface Mcflappers
  • Himself-Chub (777) Adelie (DCCLXXVII)
  • Brother-Buhc (777) Adelie
  • Brother-Arcantarc (777) Adelie
  • Sister-Jess (777) Adelie
  • Sister-Bess (777) Adelie
  • Antibody-Chub667X (Adelie DCCLXXVIII/DCLXVI?)



  • Sailor
  • Adventurer
  • EPF Agent
  • Student
  • TV host


  • Good pancake batter, what happened?
  • Do dah wahffall *dances*
  • GO LONG! *throws a vat of Ditto and Fat
  • Yah, yah, yah, I'll do anything
  • What in the un-Puffle is that.
  • Ay, tish dah 'ourftht wal'.

  • Chub 777: See that? It's Mabel.
Penguin he was talking to: *war cry* hits Mabel with a pie.
Mabel: HEYY!!#*&^$#%Ϡ⑫۝Δ
Chub 777: Umm...I'll*runs off to car*

  • (war cry) ADELIE POWAH!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! *throws snowballs*
  • (war cry with good tanks behind him) C'MON YE LOUSY STR00DELS!/DARKTANIANS!
  • I punz you!
  • (while penguins are walking in a line though a door) Lalalalalala....*closes door* WHAM!
  • (while in Pengolia)I want my pebbles! *whacks with fish*
  • Who are you?! A human?

  • Chub 777 (about to eat a pie):Ahhh..
Fred 676 DON'T!!!
Chub: Why?
Fred: You can't eat a mathematical figure!
*Chub looks at pie*
Chub: There's an air picture of Dorkugal on my pi (under breath:Happy now?


*Fred nonds* Fred: My point.
*Chub bites pie, chews then swallows*
*Freds face turns red*
Chub: Uh o-


*Fred starts shouting out unsolvable mathematical questions*

  • Er.. *turns to wall* Uh *turns to another wall* Umm *turns to audence* There we are! Hello!



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