Chill Journal
It's Chill!
Vital statistics
Title Chill57181
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Is sometimes known as Freezer57181
Health 100%
Level 17
Status Being Chased By Agents
Location Who-Knows-Where

Chill57181 is a penguin that lives in USA. For some reason he joined the MMK and sometimes gets into wars with Explorer and Happyface.


Phreaker Mode: This is the same as Explorer's, but he gets REALLY WACKO!

Mabel Mode: When in this mode, Chill will turn purple and wear Mabel's glasses and shout out punctuation marks.

Mad Scientist Mode: When in this mode, Chill can zap anyone with lightning and hypnotize that person. It is possible to mentally turn this beam against Chill and hypnotize him instead, though.

Still Under Construction


Pictures Of Chill With Friends


  • Like Explorer, he has modes.
  • He joined the MMK.
  • He gets into snowball fights sometimes with Explorer and Happyface, usually throwing snowballs at them or something.
  • It is unknown if he will try to make friends with Darktan and his army.
  • For some reason he likes Mabel.
  • He tries to make peace with the bad guys. It works, and he's even become friends with Darktan, Sanity Penguin, and Manny Peng, but he's not evil.
  • He owns 1000 copies of WHAT?!?.
  • He got squeezed by Winston after the picture was taking. Chill57181 was stuck in Winston's flippers for 15 minutes!
  • He often gets into fights with ZapWire.

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