Cat Zipadelli Jr
Vital statistics
Title CatZip888
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction PSA
Health 100%
Level N/A
Status Secret Agent, East Bank City president, Ninja
Location Everywhere...

CatZip888 or Ninja 黑暗复仇者(real name Cat Zipadelli Jr) is a Ninja Adelie Penguin living in East Bank City and is the president of the city too.


Cat Zip was born on the 13 of August 1998 in a zoo in England. He found little friends when he flew to Club Penguin at first, but he soon found many friends. The number soon expanded when he told people he met Rockhopper.


He is a black penguin with a 3rd CP birthday party hat, ninja mask, black belt and book(He is not a nerd, he just likes to carry it around.).


Cat Zip is usually a shy penguin, but at parties he shows his party traits.


  • He has met Rockhopper 2 times.
  • Used to be part of ACP(quit in December 2008).
  • Likes rock music.
  • Zippy has extremely bad luck.
  • He hates safe chat servers.
  • Cat Zip sets to make the Box Dimension his "party hall".

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