CartSnails image
The Only Known Photograph of a CartSnail.
Vital statistics
Title The Ancestor of the RocketSnail
Gender Male or Female
Race CartSnail (Casusdeorsumcollis cochleae (Latin for fall down hill snail)
Faction It is Unknown if Any CartSnails still Exist.
Health If they don't crash, all would be well.
Level g = 9.86 m/s2 = 32.2 ft/s2 (acceleration due to influence of gravity, which means falling... in math.)
Status Obsolete
Location Olde Antarctica

A CartSnail (Cochleae casusdeorsumcollis, Latin for fall down hill snail) is the earliest true ancestor of the modern day RocketSnail. They were abundant during the days of Olde Antarctica.


Like any type of RocketSnail, a CartSnail does not move on its own, but instead relies on some sort of machine to get around.

This symbiotic relationship works fantastically with steam, jet-fuel, and nuclear energy.

Gravity, however, wasn't the most reliable.

A CartSnail cart had a steering wheel, so it could turn itself, but once it came to a halt, the CartSnail was forced to rotate a crank deep inside their vehicle until they reached a hill once more.

The Rite of Passage for a young CartSnail was the ability to go uphill under their own crank-driven power. Any CartSnail could go down, but only mature CartSnails could go up on their own. The crank is very heavy to turn.


CartSnails were abundant in Old Antarctica, but they all mysteriously vanished after Colonial Antarctica (and steam-power) came into existence.

Rumors state that one or two CartSnails are still alive, but none have been found.


  • CartSnail carts, according to antique logs, were brown, and painted with red stripes.

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