Card-Jitsu Extreme is a harder version of Card-Jitsu at the dojo.

But this game isnt at the dojo. Its at the Penguin Arenas!

The object of the game is the same as Card-Jitsu.

Normal Cards

Sled Racing-Snow 10

Football-Water 5

Soccer-Snow 7

Construction-Fire 10

Pillow fight -Snow 9

Surfer-Water 10

Water gun-Water 10

Snow gun-Snow 10

Fire gun-Fire 10

Test paper- Snow 7

Extreme Cards

Snow Forts-Fire 14

100 Puffles-Snow 20

Night Of The Living Sled-Snow 19

Penguin Times-Water 10

Secret Agent-Fire 45

Snowcat-Snow 18

Pool Crack-Fire 12

The Stage Script-Water 13

Club Penguin Band-Snow 67

Feed-A-Puffle-Snow 12

Tour Guide-Water 52

Audeince Feelings

1.OOOhhh! AAAhhhh!





Coin Amounts

If you win 2 times (100 coins)

If you win 4 times (240 coins)

If you win 6 times (420 coins)

if you win 8 times (640 coins)

if you win 10 times (900 coins)

if you win 20 times (2800 coins)

if you beat a expert penguin (300000 coins)

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