When : November 13th 2014- November 27th 2014 Mascots : Hesh and Gary . They can both walk riley


Rorke is hiding in the boiler room when Herbert and him team up . the ghosts track him down to club penguin

Costume Characters . Riley, both puffles and penguins Logan Merrick Ajax and Rorke

Extinction in-game -timeline on November 20th Odin crashes into CP And you meet Dr. Samantha Cross and participate in the Nightfall Project .

Costume Characters Samantha Cross Cryptid , puffle and penguin

Scorpion Puffle and penguin 

Rhino , Puffle and penguin

In-game mini games

1. Field Missions Unlocked : November 13th 2. Riley Fetch Bad Guys ! : November 15th 3. Stranded Jungle : November 19th 4. Extinction : November 20th


  • This is like Call of Duty Ghosts, only it dosent have any guns.

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