Calaflagust Island is an Island made for all Calaflagust's. Mart456t is the king. Calaflagust Island is inside the CP Galaxy and takes up nearly half of it, so I'm saying it's billions of kilometers in width, and length.


1.No being evil

2.No being mean

3.No polluting

4.No mocking

5.No littering

6.No having your body interact with anybody elses body in painful ways

7.No fighting

8.No teasing

9.No name calling

10.No not listening

11.No advertising false things about fellow penguins

12.No ignoring signs

13.No ignoring rules

list of a few places

Mart456t's Army HQ

ECA (Elite Calaflagust association) invisible HQ

Pengblade Apartments

Calapinho's coffee

Pelzalabeern's Pizza

Sorshio's Spa

Relaxtion Perfection Inn

Sandcastle Cove

Kenkala Corp.

Green Grass mine

Calaflagust community

Veenon Dr.

CPDC Hospital

Calaflagust Studios


Maclenton's Farm

The Zarino circus

the Gallé fair

Goathent Police Department


Cart Explosion

Hoff's Nightclub

Ats St.






Calaflagust Elemantary

Nevelin's Elementary

Oyen Calaflagust Elementary

Sanson Daycare

Toddler Town

Freek High

Cawm High

Japlan University

Leereen Calaflagust College

The Monument of Jeex

Xylorendus' Statue

The Statue of Dreams

The Hyzomonjari Station

Calaflagust Underway

and trillions of others

list of a few residents

Mart Calaflagust

Heverick Calaflagust

Blayden Calaflagust

Clovedence Calaflagust

Calaflagust the second

Calaflagust the third

Calaflagust the fourth

Calaflagust the fifth

Calaflagust the sixth

Calaflagust the seventh

Calaflagust the eighth

Calaflagust the ninth

Calaflagust the tenth

Calaflagust the eleventh

Calaflagust the twelth

Calaflagust the thirteenth Calapinho Calaflagust

Pelzabeern Calaflagust

Sorshio Calaflagust

Kenkala Calaflagust

Veenon Calaflagust

Coolano Daplano Pulano Calaflagust

Clover Calaflagust

Maclenton Calaflagust

Zarino Calaflagust

Gallé Calaflagust

Goathent Calaflagust

Mavey Calaflagust

Hoff Calaflagust

Besberg Calaflagust

Cralazinho Calaflagust

Farloshé Calaflagust

Yolzozi Calaflagust

Xaxalimioni Calaflagust

Nevelin Calaflagust

Oyen Calaflagust

Sanson Calaflagust

Japlan Calaflagust

Leereen Calaflagust

Hyzomonjari Calaflagust

and trillions of others

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