What the bow would look like

The C-Explorer is Chub 777's private Steam-Sail clipper style ship. According to Chub it was the second C-class ship. It has a minor tribute to Explorer. There is also the C-Fred, a proposed C class Diesel engine ship.


When Chub 777 found out that the C-Pengaberg, the first C class ship, was too slow. He and the former C-Pengaberg building crew started building the C-Explorer, a fast Steam-Sail ship. It is currently being built at Drydock Four in Frostborough harbour. The best engineers are working on the ship at this moment. At this rate, it would be finished in late 2009.


  • It's an Adelie Family C-class ship
  • The C-Explorer and C-Fred are nicknamed "The Antics class ships"

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