Season 1 (2014)

LineColor=85BB65 SeriesEp=1 SeasonEp=1 Title=Let the Burning Begin AirDate=Janurary 21, 2015 IngApp= Mcdoanlds City salt, ginger, chicken, fish IngEnt= tofu, Mozzerella cheese, alfredo sauce, peppers IngDes=Numberry Tea, bananas, bread Judge1=Cadence Judge2=Billybob Judge3=Benny Franklin Cont1=Patrick Desrüuslen, Private Chef, Showstopper Resturaunt, Glassyglow, ES (eliminated at appetizer) Cont2=Perry Anderson, Private Chef and Sous chef, Blanco de Franc, South Pole City, ES (eliminated at entree) Cont3=Sandy Rosehouse, Pastry Chef, Hot n' Fresh Bakery, Wake City, TA (eliminated at dessert) Cont4=Katie Alexis, Master Chef,TerraSnow , Snowville, SN (winner) Cont1Meals= Chicken Fish Soüflae-Other Known Ingredients: French Toast, Swiss Cheese, Blueberries Cont2Meals= Chinese Grilled Chicken n Fish-Other Known Ingredients: Soy Sause, Cilantro, Peking Duk (using meat for sauce)

Cheesy Chopped Tofu Pasta

Cont3Meals= Chicken n Fish Sautéed

Italy Tofu Special Banana Bread

Cont4Meals= Antartican and American Strips.

Spicy Tofu with Alfredo and Cheese Numberry Banana Bread

Episode notes= Sandy refused to put Numberry Tea in her dessert, causing her elimination, although Katie's tastes bad.
LineColor=85BB65 SeriesEp=2 SeasonEp=2 Title=A Penguin's Favorite Treat AirDate=Janurary 28, 2015 IngApp= grilled salmon, baby octopus, shrimp, seaweed IngEnt= oyster, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ice cream cones IngDes= pineapple rings, ice cream, blueberries, cherries Judge1= Matt Sparkley Judge2= DJ Crow Judge3= Puffl3 Cont1=Nick Jensen, Private Caterer and Culinary Instructor, Welches Country, East Bank City , ES (eliminated at appetizer) Cont2=Rosario Clark, Chef, Street Kings, South Pole City, ES (eliminated at entree) Cont3=Chris "Crisp" Johnson , Executive Chef, EFF, Club Penguin City, ES (eliminated at dessert) Cont4=Phillip Rover, Owner and Chef, Mcflippers, Clock Tower Village, Mcdonalds City, ES (winner) Cont1Meals= Welches Country's Fish Special Cont2Meals= Street Kings Fish Salad

Oyster Bites

Cont3Meals= Seaweed Salad

Stuffed Oyster Tropical Blast Ice Cream

Cont4Meals= Penguin's Special

Oyster Cheesy Crunch with Tomato Sauce Fruit Punch Paradise Ice Cream

Episode notes=Rosario's shrimpwasn't cooked, but he wasn't eliminated because Nick's shrimp wasn't cooked and fried.

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