Brendan Alex Stars-Hochstadt II
Brendan Stars image
Brendan on the Sept 08 Clothing Catalog
Vital statistics
Title The good millionaire
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Excellent
Level 44
Status President of PASA
Location Gentoo Island

Brendan Alex Stars II, also known as Brendan Stars, is the local millionaire of Club Penguin City and President of PASA.


Brendan Stars was born on October 22, 1990 to Brendan Stars I and Henrietta Hochstadt in Club Penguin City. He inherited his father's riches and used them to improve the USA. He bought part of Gentoo Island for the PASA program. He is currently president of PASA. He loves his job and is against the RDA. He hates his cousin Swiss Ninja and joined the Hochstadt Gang.


He sometimes funds his friend G's projects and was the agent of surfing legend Cody Maverick.


  • He has a blue puffle called Chris, that lives with him in his mansion.
  • Upon seeing Mabel for the first time, he grabbed Explorer's shovel and whacked her with it.
  • He loves to eat at Burger Khan.

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