The beaches
An aerial view of one of Beachville's beaches, on the west coast of Clearwater Island.
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Vital statistics
Type A seaside town
Level 100
Location Clearwater Island
Inhabitants Tourists, a few penguins that own shops

Beachville is a peaceful seaside town and large tourist attraction in Clearwater Island, mostly because of its 100% sand beaches.


It was found in 1999 and became the self-proclaimed capital of Clearwater Island in 2000. It continues to be a popular destination for penguins on spring break and summer vacations. Out of all of Clearwater Island, it is the only place permanently inhabited by penguins. They use shells as currency. It is also famous for the largest in the chain of The Iceton Hotels. It is not to be confused with Beach Town, they are entirely different.


The world-famous sand beaches, a few piers and some assorted tropical themed shops and restaurants, The Iceton Hotel, a few summer igloos. There is also an international airport, located 2 miles east of the city center.


Just tourists and a few penguins that live there full-time. Eve Lendfell was born there, as was Rona Lendfell. Karis Iceton also lives in The Iceton Hotel.


Orcas and seals in the ocean, sunburn (whatever that is), high hotel prices.


Sunshine, real sand, beach supplies, cheesy souvenirs.

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