Barkley Horseshed

Barey James as Barkly Horseshed

 Barey James 1988-2013 and 2013-

Barley James(aka Barkley Horseshed) was a top agent for the PSA when he died in 2013 by Herbert's use of the Death Ray.He was reborn on christmas


Barey was born sometime in March 1988. He never knew Ford Car though. He was not allowed to leave the house but he was "rescued" by someone then brought to the pet shop,once again in a trap. He used his rescuer's tatics to escape to the PSA where he raised himself when he was 7. When he was 15 he was found but now that Barey knew the PSA he was allowed in.He found out his rescuer was Lily8763 who was proud of Barey's escape,he remebered Barey's family and he got the last name James.

Learning from a top agent

Barey was raised even though he was a teen by Lily8763 to expand his abilties more. He became blind after hiting his eyes on a eletric beam,penguins of the PSA told Lily to just kick Barey out but Lily asked T the gadget gal to make Barey special glasses and a tie,the glasses use eletric force to lead Barey and the black part is to make it look like Barey is seeing the world around him when it's really a camera on the tie,making Barey alway belive he was short.He gave himself a codename Barkly Horseshed.

Death sadly

In November 12,2013 Barey was sent on his 50th mission to stop Herbert from using the Death Ray along with 7 other agents. During the fight 2 of them died.When Lily8763 was trying to make the hacking chip,Herbert grabbed Lily's neck saying somebody else had to die before it could be finished. Barey said he had no vision,would be worthless without his tie or glasses and he put his head on the death ray. Lily yelled "NO,DON'T!" But he pressed the button and he died.

The rebirth

Barey James had a furneal with more than 1/2 the penguins,Lily8763 ment Barey's real parents who,somehow decided to show up for 2 reasons,or so they said 1.They've wondered who's kidnapped their baby for 15 years,and they now think Herbert did,and hate him and 2.They were heartbroken when they saw that it said the parents gave no care and no matter how many letters they got to say things like Barey gone blind,they igrored them all.  Gary and Lily8763 decided to try to reborn Barey James and on 12/25/13 they succecced,and pervented blindness,Barey was sleeping so they put him in a box with and whole and at 12:00 pm,they gave to box to Mrs and Mr James,who just had a baby a week before. The James family felt a new hope when they saw Barey alive in the box,Barey is still in the PSA but lives with his parents to make up the 15 years they lost together. Atleast the James family and Lily8763 think that it was the sweetest Christmas ever.

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