The artist's conception of him.
Vital statistics
Title The Banana King!
Gender Unknown
Race Banana? Or a Bean Human masked.
Faction Bananular!
Health Well
Level 0
Status I've got this feeling so appealing!
Location All around the USA & UTR!

The Bananaphone is a bananaish-singer travelling around the USA & UTR and singing the "Banana Phone" song, which became a #2 Hit in Eastshield, Trans-Antarctica, Happyface State and New Club Penguin. He doesn't seem to think, so he is rumoured to be a Bean Human.

Banana Phone Ringtone Version02:18

Banana Phone Ringtone Version


He was heard first at the South Pole City, singing his Banana Phone song. No one appears to know, how did he get to USA, but actually nobody cares about that. He might not come from The Human World, but even G couldn't find his probable whereabouts. He suggested, he could have been created by humans, and sent to the USA by accident. This is the most probable theory. He has also been spotted in New Club Penguin, cutting into the radio station and dancing around the Big Three's Place.


He travels around USA singing his song. Most penguins find him irritating, but he doesn't seem to matter about this. He is going to write a new song with Hannah Montana, who doesn't seem to think as well, as him. He is very stupid, but he didn't join in the Str00del Force. Captain Str00del didn't like his song. But I don't think, he actually cares about that, Sonicspine31 apparently likes his song.


12yz12ab:I saw him near my lab but instead of the usual song he was singing this:
Peanut Butter Jelly Time01:45

Peanut Butter Jelly Time


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