Ban Island is a barren wasteland that penguins from The Hot Snow have escaped to and have taken refuge. The terrain is rocky and rough, with a snowy sand formation. Only banned penguins and naughty ones know its actual location.


From what has been told from naughty penguins that have turned over a new leaf, Ban Island is a terrible place where the bad penguins who have taken refuge there must instantly go into hiding, as this would be the frequent location Ban visits. That's how the name "Ban Island" came to form. Temperatures drop dramatically during the nighttime, reaching up to -40 degrees (Celsius or Fahrenheit). Ban Island was discovered by a bold penguin who escaped from The Hot Snow, but because of the weather conditions and Ban roaming around, he swam back to The Hot Snow to tell his friends. They thought about moving there, but it was declined. Soon, it got accepted however because penguins were getting bored of living in the one place, and Ban Island is quite big, so everyone set off there. A map has been hidden in the Hot Snow that only lucky penguins will find, which depicts the exact location of Ban Island. The PSA managed to recover this map, and set off to the wasteland, but never found anyone there. Most of the inhabitants are in hiding.


It is located 150km off the coast of the USA, and hosts a lot of vegetation. However, the vegetation appears to be only one flower. The inhabitants call this the Great Purple Flower, but to PSA Agents and others, it is known as the Doom Weed. Villains such as Herbert Horror use Ban Island strategically as a harvesting ground for these such flowers. The PSA thought Ban would of destroyed the Doom Weeds there, but he says he is not a gardener.


  • Bad Penguins
  • Ban
  • Pink Mafia


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