Auzua Mostafique
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The flag
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Simplified map of Auzua Mostafique
Vital statistics
Type Tropical
Level Levels 2 and above
Location West of Club Penguin.
Inhabitants Mainly Mostafique Family penguins

Auzua Mostafique, also known as Mostafique Island or Auzua Island, is a republic southwest of Club Penguin Island that was founded in 1992 and is currently the biggest exporter of coconuts. It is known for its tropical beauty and extensive culture, with more than 700,000 penguins inhabitating the island as compared to results ten years ago. Auzua Mostafique is in the midst of merging with the much larger MAI.


In 9 May 1992, Bezul Mostafique of Trans-Antarctica founded Auzua Mostafique, naming it after his family name and the word 'beauty'. The capital, Bezul City, was officially built three years later. It is also the home of the famous cryptid, Altie.