Artist X Xishran
"I may be pure evil but its more fun to prank people, epsiecally Surray!"
Vital statistics
Title Prankster
Gender Male
Race Antibody
Faction Prankster
Health Good
Level Evil
Status Pranking "That pathetic jerk that insults everyone"
Location Anywhere Surray/Artist is so he can Prank Them

Artist X is the antibody of Artist. A rather playful evil one. Despite being in the Evil cataagory, he rarely does evil out of his pranks. He tends to use Pies in his pranks. Espically on Surray. It is unkown WHY he always uses it, he just does. He is rumored to be just a prankster, not evil. However that is very unlikely.


Wen WishFlyX bit Artist, like always, it didnt join him. Nor Flywish or Xorai. It hust ran off to randomly prank people. However, the weirdest thing is, he actully pranked Surray on the way out, which is adnormal. Since Artist X is the antibody of Artist, and Artist is Surray's Brother/Friend.


Artist X constantly pranks the living daylights out of random people. Most of the time Surray. He is a very mean puffle before you get to know him, thats why only Artist got to know him. Despite being "evil" he normally just pranks. Useally with Pie or Glue.


  • Glued Surray to a ceiling (Twice).
  • Glued Terry to a wall.
  • Threw pies at Surray


  • He is evil bu preferes pranking over fighting.
  • His pranks, like Artist's, are mean.
  • He tends to stay clear of Gruff, why is unkown.

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