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Aqua Jet
Aqua Jet
Aqua Jet as a member of the "group"
Vital statistics
Title The Aqua Jet
Gender Female
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health Good
Location Ross Island

Aqua Jet is a penguin born from Ross Island during the Invasion on Ross Island and was controlled by a notorious group of penguins. Her real name is unknown.


Aqua Jet was born on Ross Island, a small island near Antarctica. As an egg, she was "egg napped" of a notorious group of penguins of the same species during their invasion on the local village. Under the control of the group, she was given the title Aqua Jet by the members because of her speed during invasion that occurred in the Antarctic's waters. After the group was captured, Aqua Jet was presumed to be hit by a metal object causing her an amnesia during her escape. Following her escape, she ended up on the Ross Island Port and was feared by inhabitants as they thought she was one of the survivors of the group, she was then taken by "The Agents" a group of secret agents who kept Sub-Antarctic Islands safe. After the investigation, Aqua Jet was presumed innocent as she was controlled by the group by force. Now with free will, Aqua Jet then builds an igloo outside AdelVille as her new home.

Aqua Jet's moods

There are several moods that Aqua Jet has. Some are listed below:

  • V-Mood - The most common mood that Aqua Jet prefers. The V mean the eyebrows are on V-shaped (i.e. >:| ). The V mood is consisting of negative emotions. When Aqua Jet is in this mood, she can be heard saying the word "Get away from me!" and sometimes swinging the baseball bat, hitting the person annoying her.
  • Different Mood - The Different Mood is the opposite side of V Mood. It houses positive emotions.
  • Other Mood - This mood is the rarest of them all. It houses miscellaneous emotions including nervousness, curiosity, shyness, wonder etc.

Gallery of Moods