The Antarctic Transportation Safety Commission, or ASTC, is a government agency of the USA which investigates the causes of accidents and help to increase the safetiness of transportation. The most notable key penguins are Mica Nikagura, Elis Turos, Wut Frontiers and Alexander Gan.


In 1965, in the Water Kingdom of Olde Antarctica, several airplanes crashed mysteriously. As airplanes were hot those days, many penguins and other creatures could be in deep trouble if they don't figure out the cause. Therefore, Paru Nikagura anjd Lisa Turos formed the government agency of the Water Kingdom, the Water Aviation Safetiness Authority (WASA). After a train incident in 1968, they reformed the board into the Water Transportation Safetiness Authority (WTSA).

Karen EsTigulos from the Fire Kingdom asked the board if they would like to also help in the Fire Kingdom. They therefore renamed the authority the Water and Fire Transportation Safetiness Authority (WFTSA). As many more investigators joined the group, it became a big government agency and solved many cases of crashes, collisions and incidents.


Red shows colonies using the NTSA (National Transportation Safety Authority) whilst the yellow uses ASTA.

Meanwhile, the Ice and Air Kingdom created the Ice and Air Transportation Safe Agency (IATSA). It rivaled the WFTSA and they were big competitors. To the end of Olde Antarctica's reign, the boards renamed themselves the National Transportation Safety Authority (NTSA) and the Antarctic Safety Transport Adminstration (ASTA) as they knew the end may be coming. Eventually, when Olde Antarctica ended and the Colonial Antarctica period started, NTSA and ASTA were the agency for requested states under power?

As the new millenium came and the Colonial Antarctica system was about to vanish once more, the NTSA and ASTA merged to form the ATSA (Antarctic Transportaion Safety Administration). When the USA came, it was the official agency for solving cases whereby transportation disasters occur.

In 2002, the board was renamed to the current name, and as Paru Nikagura and Lisa Turos were about to retire, they handed the jobs to their offspring, Mica Nikagura and Elis Turos. Wut Frontiers joined the team, too. Alex12345a, the writer had also joined due to his statics and it became greater than ever.

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