Angel Island
Angel island image
The altar of the Master Gem
No map available.
Map caption
Vital statistics
Type island by Club Penguin
Level 5 meters away
Location near Rockhopper Island
Inhabitants penguins, red puffles

Angel Island is a well known Tropical Island, and place were most Red Puffles go to get away from penguin antics. This is also the birthplace of Tails6000, and the place where the Destruction Gems originated from. The owner of this island is The Light Angel.


For years many tribes of Penguins lived on this island and they fought in wars over control the Master Gem. Eventually the Tribes decided that a certain Penguin would gaurd the Gem for the rest of his or her life. By playing a round of Paper Scissor Rock, a penguin was chosen and they became the gaurdian of the Gem. That tradition is still kept by the remaining tribes that still live on the island.

Years later a egg was laid, and in this egg was a Chick who would become a very famous penguin. They named him Tails6000, and they loved him very much. Unfortunatley yet another war raged upon Angel Island, so with the Destruction Gems that they could find, they set Tails on a raft with the gems. Eventually he reached the USA and in a few years remembered about his homeland. Now the island is used as a place for tourists, and many come to visit for vacations.

They also have an anthem its used today as well.


  • At the Beach You can have a swim or catch rays from the sun.
  • The Jungle is a good place for a time to find coconuts or exotic fruits.
  • The Ancient Ruins are very ancient to the penguins who lived on the island long time ago.
  • Carnival: A place to have a lot of fun because there are rides, games , baloons ,and even more fun things to do!


  • Penguins
  • Red Puffles
  • Crabs



You can get these resources here:

  • Coconuts
  • Exotic fruits
  • Flowers
  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Wood
  • Plants

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