It is said that this monster is said to live in the mountains of Club Penguin Island. The creature is said to be 8 feet tall and is in the form of a Sasquatch, Since it looks like the mixture of a Gorilla, And It has bluish-grey fur that is short. This creature is said to have no powers but one ability it has is that it can turn itself giant-sized like somewhere between 10 feet tall to even being the size of a mountain. In various reports, Penguin hikers say that when walking, They can hear footsteps as if someone was following them. Since they brushed it off, They thought that their footsteps were just echoes so they recreated their sound but not walking as they just stomped their feet as they were walking, And still hear the footsteps and as soon as the hikers take another step, they hear another footstep and are now scared of hiking. Some researchers speculate that since it can grow to mountain size, It can sit at the peaks/summits of the mountains and some hikers can see a gigantic shape and they will be scared. Since then, Sightings still occur but none report a creature such as this beast, When they walk.

The Grey Man

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