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He will PWN you at all costs!
Vital statistics
Title Akbaboy "Axba" X ???
Gender Male
Race X-anitbody
Faction None really.
Health Terribly healthy
Level It's over nine THOUSAND squared
Status PWNing whoever is reading the status
Location Traveling around Antarctica PWNing people
Occupation Member of Darktan's Army
Interests PWNing, being evil, yada yada
Friends Bad guys, Darktan, Un-CP goons
Enemies Good guys, Akbaboy, TurtleShroom
Archetype Bad

Akbaboy X is the X-antibody of Akbaboy. He is the polar opposite so he is evil and is friends with the nasty Un-CP goons unlike Akbaboy who is a good guy and hates Un-CP just as much as TSP. They have a bitter rivalry and try to be better than each other.


Akbaboy, like many other creatures of Antarctica caught the X-Virus.

It started when he was taking a pill since he was ill. Akbaboy didn't know that there was a speck of the X-Virus on that certain pill he was taking. He went to the doctor because he felt all tingly and did weird gestures. He was diagnosed with the X-Virus and took pills for two months until one day his antibody was coming out. He started coughing EVERYWHERE. On the floor, on the wall, in the air, on his puffles, on his furniture, on other penguins, you name it. He then sneezed hardly on a random ice floe and then a black and green mucus started to turn into the shape of a puffle and then a fairy penguin and then an adelie penguin. Then clothes started to form. At that time there was a huge audience watching the scary moment. He then had an X on his back and was created. "I am finally alive. Now which one of you foolish penguins wants to be PWNed first? " was his first words. Everyone freaked out and ran away. "Looks like it's you my pathetic copy. ". Akbaboy got all upset. "You call me PATHETIC? Looks who's the pathetic one when I PWN you 'till you surrender.". They got in a huge flame war and then soon they got into a skirmish. It lasted three hours and by that time both needed to retreat. Akbaboy X then ran to join Darktan hoping he would accept. He did and now PWNs random penguins and is training to fight the good guys.


He is in Darktan's army always somewhere PWNing a "foolish and pathetic" penguin. He barely does anything other than that. When he's not doing that, he is usually training to PWN the good guys and his "pathetic copy". Nightmare wants him to be on his side but Akbaboy X denies. In the future Akbaboy X will join Nightmare for the Nightmare Epic.


  • He almost destroyed Antarctica several times. Specifics? 11 and a half times.

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