Agent Rihanna Lymerzo Meltissimo-Slugster, Chief-In Training
Agent Meltie
Teenage Emoguin is OUT! PEACE!
Vital statistics
Title Agent Meltie, as she prefers to be called.
Gender Female
Race Emoguin
Faction Meltissimo-Slugster.
Health 17
Level Medium
Status Alive
Location Happyface State
Occupation Making music, listening to music on her phone.
Interests Music and fashion. She also shops in her free time.
Friends Siblings, Christina, Metalmanager.
Enemies Iceflower485
Archetype Neutral

Agent Meltie is a softcore Emoguin, but after an epic deletion, she decided to not be as depressed. However, she can't ditch her key color, black.


Agent lived a long and happy life until she was seventeen. She got hit with a Deletion Missile by mistake, and was deleted for a long time. When she was restored, she then fell into a very deep ditch. It took her ten minutes to use string from her pocket and lasso it up. She is best friends with Metalmanager and fights on his army. Sometimes, she shops when she's depressed, designs clothes, or goes to her favorite job at the mall food court.


Random acts of kindness are something she does on the occasion. If a short penguin can't reach something, she'll help them. She is almost as tall as Aunt Arctic.

She also sells cookies in the senior branch of the Puffle Scouts. She rarely wears her uniform, except to meetings.

She tends to hang out with Metalmanager and hug him a lot, as they are best friends. Her phone also comes in handy for texting when they're far away from each other and trying to communicate during battle.


  • She still wears black.
  • Her hatrid of Mwa Mwa Penguins has grown larger, since she met Numa Numa.
  • She loves all animes and hates Mabel.
  • She is a parody of Vanessa from Phineas and Ferb.
    • However, she doesn't like being the assistant of Explorer and his evil deeds.
      • "Well, at least he pays me! And at two coins an hour! What the hey, I work at a McDoodle's joint in the mall," Agent quoted.

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