Agent Chef is a fake mission.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

  • Talk to G about Herbert’s plan.
  • Listen to G, and then go to the lighthouse.
  • Talk to the Rookie and ask him for a mug.
  • He will give you a mug, but says to try mixing ingredients to make a Puffle drink.
  • Go in the Pizza Parlor and talk to the worker. He will tell you to deliver a pizza to G.
  • G will reward you with Pizza Sauce.
  • Put the Pizza Sauce in your mug.
  • Get the Life Preserver Launcher.
  • Go to the Coffee worker and ask him for Chocolate Sauce.
  • Put the sauce in your mug.
  • Put the sauce (you still have some left over) in the machine, get a cup, and pour out the Hot Chocolate.
  • Put it in your inventory.
  • Go to the Cove and ask the Rescuer if he has some Hot Sauce. He says that he doesn’t, but replies that he has Jetpack Fuel.
  • Get the Jetpack Fuel and pour some in the mug.
  • Talk to the rescuer again and ask him where to get the Hot Sauce.
  • He says that you need to go to the Iceberg to get the Pink Icing.
  • Go to the Iceberg, pick up the O-Berry and Pink Icing, and feed the Black Puffle of the Stump. He will follow you.
  • Mix the Hot Chocolate and Pink Icing together.
  • Get another O-Berry from the Forest.
  • Mix the O-Berry with the “Sugar Sauce”.
  • Go back to the Parlor and mix Cheese, Sprinkles, Squid, Fish, Seaweed, Shrimp, Liquorice, Chocolate Chip, Marshmallow, and Jelly Beans to form a Puffle treat.
  • Mix the treat with the Sugar Sauce.
  • Put the Sauce in the mug.
  • For the last time, talk to the Rescuer and say that you found Pink Icing. Give it to him and he will reward you with hot sauce.
  • Put the sauce in the mug.
  • Talk to the Rookie about the treat. He will give you milk.
  • Put it in the mug.
  • Go to the stage and give it to the Yellow Puffle of the Stage. He will also follow you.
  • Go to the Lodge and give the O-Berry to the Black Puffle of the Stump. He will leave you while trying to distract Herbert.
  • Go back to G and ask him for a picture of the Snowcracker.
  • Go back to the Lodge and get the bucket floating in the water.
  • Once you get the Bucket, go to the snow forts, and get snow there.
  • Build the Snowcracker and go back to the HQ.
  • Go to the Gadget Room and put the Snowcracker in the Test Chamber.
  • Push the snowflake button.
  • Go back to the lodge and activate it.
  • You will receive a call from all the members.
  • Get your Medal of Distraction and Gift from the Puffles.


  • Medal of Distraction
  • Gift from the Puffles

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