Admiral Ackbar
Admiral Ackbar image
It's a trap!
Vital statistics
Title Admiral
Gender Male
Race Calamari Species
Faction Good
Health Pretty good.
Level IT'S A TRAP!
Status Commanding the military.
Location Club Penguin Military Base

Admiral Alfonsus Ackbar is a strange alien species of squid, called the Calamari Species. Explorer thinks he may have dimensionally crossed universes from here. Ackbar is the commander of all military forces in Antarctica, and often exclaims, "It's a trap!".


Admiral Ackbar's Theme Music
Star Fox 64 Soundtrack - Starwolf Theme02:14

Star Fox 64 Soundtrack - Starwolf Theme

Admiral Ackbar claims he was a commander in some war, and often brags about it. He was found in 2003 when a crashed escape pod was discovered on an iceberg. Ackbar, being pulled from the wreckage by a rescue team, kept mumbling, "It was a trap!".

After recovering in the Eastshield Hope Hospital, he was called upon by Explorer, who he told war stories to. Explorer proposed to the South Pole Council that Ackbar be sent into the military.

Ackbar, after being tested by an examiner, was instantly promoted to Senior Officer for his brilliant strategies. After his performance in small battles with Darktan's forces, Admiral Ackbar was promoted to the supreme officer over the whole army. Ackbar was given a seat on the South Pole Council as Military Consultant.


Admiral Ackbar is Supreme Commander of the Antarctica Military, and worked behind the scenes at the Great Darktonian Pie War.

Admiral Ackbar's Cereal

He owns a fleet of twenty futuristic starfighters that Explorer calls X-Wings. Mayor McFlapp identifies them as from another universe, but will not delete them. He says they add "plot twists" to stories.

Admiral Ackbar also owns a cereal company, and produces honey-coated cereal. It's slogan is, "Other cereals are a trap!".


  • When some delegates are talking, Ackbar screams, "It's a trap!" just to annoy them.
  • Explorer thinks he's from something called Star Wars. Is that some rip off of Snow Wars?
  • He scares small chicks.

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IT'S A TRAP!00:14


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