12yz12ab X
12yz12ab X image
Vital statistics
Title The master of pure evil
Gender Male
Race X-creature
Faction Faction
Health Great(We wish it was very bad)
Level OVER 9000(We wish it was -9000)
Status Alive
Location In his lab


It all started 12yz12ab started coughing while 12yz12ab was working on the Wrist Watch Transformer 3000.

That prototype was a failure. It exploded. At the same time,12yz12ab coughed out a black goo.

When the smoke cleared away,12yz12ab said to 12yz12ab X,

"Who are you?"

12yz12ab X replied,"I am 12yz12ab X,your X-antibody. Your doom will happen when I join darktans army. "

12yz12ab said,"Never! I will not let you defeat me!"

12yz12ab X said,"Oh come on. I can easily defeat you. Its impossible to defeat me. " Then,12yz12ab X just walked out the door of 12yz12ab's lab.

12yz12ab then said,"That was weird."



  • He has telekinesis
  • He loves special effects ever since he was coughed out by 12yz12ab. He thinks they are cool.
  • He likes Mectrixctic because he thinks she is cute (Dont tell!).
  • His username on Pengblox is evilmaster1.

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