007jor. image
It's a me 007jor!
Vital statistics
Title uhhhhh "fart"
Gender Male
Race Gentoo penguin
Faction He hates cheese unlike his brother Frenley
Health GRRREAT (he likes frosted flakes)
Level bvbvcbhxgfhfjh
Status Playing hockey on his Xcontainer 630
Location USA

007jor is the brother of Frenley


007jor was born at the same place as Frenley but he met his parents. His parents soon left and left him in the corner of the boiler room. He is not sure how he knew that Frenley was his brother, must've been an instinct! When he was just 3 years old he decided to play bean counters but Frenley would throw fish at him! XD. He hates cheese unlike his brother, Frenley. This annoys Frenley because he loves cheese and well, his brother doesn't, common sense!


He likes to play hockey on his Xcontainer 630. He loves to go to the ice rink to watch hockey games, but he hates it when it only two penguins cheaply dressed pushing the puck saying "Eh? I PUSHED THE PUCK I ROOL!" 007jor would leave after that. His job is to make Candy Pizzas, he got fired once because he ate 'em all but he got his job again due to people not knowing where the lever for the Candytron 3000 was (stupid penguins).


  • He has a flatulence problem "fart".
  • His puffles HATE him.
  • He hates pizza. (WTH?)
  • "fart"

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