Ninja Emerald
Ninja Emerald image
The Ninja Emerald... In all it's glory.
Vital statistics
Type Ninja
Effects Multiple and Powerful, yet Unknown Powers
Source Unknown
Location Unknown
Cost to buy It's not for sale
Cost to sell It's Impossible to sell

The Ninja Emerald (ピカピカ スパークル スパークル) is one of the Power Emeralds, it gives powers to the Ninja that finds it. The First person to find it, and, The consumer of its powers, is Gornan. It can enable a Ninja to have many powers, yet, these powers are unknown.


The Ninja Emerald is a Grey, Triangular-ish shaped Emerald, It's grey to show it's for ninjas. It Gives you very powerful, yet, unknown powers. It's unknown where it came from, and, unknown how Gornan found it.


  • It is a Grey coloured Emerald
  • Gornan's Power is the Spirit that protects it.

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