Gornan image
Gornan... Ninja of the great
Vital statistics
Title この著者は本物ではないとい。もちろん!
Gender Male
Race Ninja/Penguin
Faction Ninja
Health Unknown
Level Guardian of the Ninja Emerald
Status Ninja
Location Unknown

Gornan (Ninja この著者は本物ではないとい。もちろん!) Is the Guardian of the Ninja Emerald. He is simply a Ninja with great abilites, like Water Control (Can control the movment of water).


Gornan used to live in a place called Fronanio, The "Island of Fire", there, he trained to be a Ninja, and over days, weeks and months, he found out about his secret powers and used them for evil, of course, now, he's a good guy.


Gornan is the Guardian of the Ninja Emerald, the Sacred stone that only he can access the power of. If any other Ninja or just normal penguin tried to access his power, Gornan's Power Spirit will guard it, and blank their mind of anything that relates to the Emerald, and force them to leave.


  • He is the most powerful Ninja Ever.
  • He only can access the power of the Ninja Emerald.
  • Nobody knows where he is, and anyone who found out, was wiped of the memory.

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